Valve announces Portal 2

— 1:26 PM on March 5, 2010

Just when the "cake is a lie" meme was beginning to die down, Valve re-ignited the Portal hype machine with Morse code and an updated ending for the action puzzle game earlier this week. Now, we know why: the company formally announced Portal 2 this afternoon, saying the game will ship in the "coming holiday season."

The announcement includes a number of underlined letters, which put together spell "drattmannh0nee." TR reader Dashak tells us this might be a login and a password to something or other—perhaps that Portal BBS that's part of the whole Portal 2 viral marketing push.

Valve hasn't released any screenshots yet, but GameInformer will have a couple of teaser images on its April cover, and it's already posted them online. The cover images show familiar orange and blue portal holes peering into a run-down and overgrown version of the control room from the end of the first game, where the player encountered GLaDOS.

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