New Mini-ITX enclosure has VESA display mount

— 3:35 PM on May 7, 2010

No, this isn't yet another nettop that can bolt onto the back of a monitor. Rather, as Fudzilla reports, Gigabyte has whipped up a Mini-ITX chassis with a display mount sprouting off of it, sort of like a display stand on steroids.

Dubbed the MIB T3140, the chassis can take a Mini-ITX motherboard, a slim optical drive, and one 3.5" hard drive. Gigabyte includes a 65W power supply, USB 2.0 and audio ports up front, one 60-mm "silent" fan, and some thumb screws for mounting the display. The company touts anti-vibration mounting pads for the hard drive and cooling vents to keep the internals from getting too toasty, as well.

The monitor mount at the top supports both 10- x 10-cm and 7.5- x 7.5-cm VESA mount standards. VESA-compliant monitors from 17" to 23" should be good go to. With anything bigger, you can remove the display mount and just use the MIB T3140 as a plain PC enclosure.

This contraption doesn't look that expensive, either. Fudzilla found it listed in Europe for just over €70, which would hint at pricing well below $100 pricing across the Atlantic. We're not finding any listings at Amazon, Newegg, or our price search engine, though.

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