Report: USB 3.0 not coming to Intel chipsets until 2012

— 11:53 AM on June 4, 2010

TechEye has received word from Gigabyte that Intel's "USB 3.0 chipset" has been delayed until 2012. This presumably refers to core-logic chipsets with integrated USB 3.0 functionality, which had previously been expected next year. Intel is, however, rumored to be working on a stand-alone controller that would compete with similar chips from NEC and VIA.

The Register suggests Intel may be holding back USB 3.0 to prime the market for its upcoming Light Peak optical interconnect. That seems unlikely if Intel is indeed working on a standalone SuperSpeed controller, though. Perhaps USB 3.0 is simply more difficult to integrate into a chipset than previously anticipated. After all, AMD stuck with USB 2.0 on its new SB850 south bridge, which features a 6Gbps Serial ATA controller, instead.

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