The latest USB oddity: foot switches

— 10:47 AM on June 28, 2010

The market is littered with all sorts of bizarre USB peripherals. Thumb drives are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes. You can use a USB connection to cool a frosty beverage, warm your fingertips, or even power a disco ball. USB humidifier? Check. Toothbrush? Yep. And for the ladies, there are vibrating, er, accessories, too.

While browsing our inbox this morning, I noticed that ProClockers has a review of another USB oddity: a foot switch from Scythe. Better known for producing cooling accessories, Scythe has introduced a trio of foot-switch USB devices with one, two, and three switches each. These are switches rather than the analog foot pedals one might find with a racing wheel, and Scythe supplies software that allows users to bind specific key functions to each one.

According to the review, the switches can withstand up to a million cycles and are anchored to a sturdy base. We can reportedly expect to pay between $19 and $45 depending on the number of switches, which doesn't strike me as particularly onerous if we're not talking about a flimsy plastic accessory. Gamers short on keys to bind seem like prime candidates for this sort of device, and I can see toe-tappers being intrigued by its potential for rhythm-based games. Plus, unlike USB snow globes, you can hide this particular accessory under your desk.

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