Friday night topic: Your worst day ever

— 4:45 PM on July 2, 2010

I've been brutally unproductive today for various reasons, and it feels like everything is crashing down around me. As I sit and type, I can feel drops of sweat beading on my skin, because our air conditioner has gone on the fritz—right before the long holiday weekend. If another bad thing happens today, well... I may momentarily lose my sense of perspective.

Which would be bad.

In the grand scheme, of course, today isn't all that awful. And it's certainly nothing tragic or personally devastating. But it does feel like, you know, a skin-crawling, why-me-inducing bad day.

I'm sure you've had them. And sometimes, after the fact, once you've pushed through and overcome, a day like that can make a pretty good story. The question is: have you ever endured a particularly and memorably bad day, an avalanche of random circumstances gone wrong, that still makes you shake your head when you look back at it? Do tell!

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