Signs point to Microsoft introducing multi-touch mouse

— 3:42 PM on July 2, 2010

According to this post over at istartedsomething, Microsoft may introduce a multi-touch mouse as early as tomorrow. A number of European retailers have added listings for a "Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse," and Redmond registered the domain several months ago. The online listings suggest a street price similar to that of Apple's own multi-touch Magic Mouse, which was introduced last October.

If the Arc Touch is indeed a multi-touch mouse, some will no doubt exclaim that this is yet another example of Microsoft pillaging an Apple design. However, it's worth noting that Microsoft was researching several multi-touch mouse technologies (PDF) before the Magic Mouse materialized.

Microsoft mice have always fit my hands better than other designs, but the name of this potential multi-touch model has me a little worried. The existing Arc Mouse doesn't look to be nearly as sculpted or ergonomic as my Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, and I'd expect a touch-capable variant to maintain the same basic shape. The Arc's shape does, however, look like a good match for the multi-touch surface used in FTIR prototype detailed in the Microsoft research paper linked above. Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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