Single-core Athlon II Neo gets some love from Gateway

— 9:28 AM on July 7, 2010

You know that $550, AMD-powered Acer ultraportable we talked about last month? Acer subsidiary Gateway has now announced a similar-looking laptop that boasts a single-core Athlon II Neo processor and a lower price tag: just $450.

The Gateway LT32 trades its Acer cousin's dual-core Turion II Neo for a 1.7GHz Athlon II Neo K125, and it packs half the RAM (two gigs) and a little less storage capacity (250GB). Gateway still includes Radeon HD 4225 integrated graphics with an HDMI port, though, and Wi-Fi connectivity goes up to 802.11n speeds.

Those more spartan internals translate into 30 minutes of extra rated battery life and a lighter weight (2.76 lbs). If Gateway's 5.5-hour rating is any indication, however, the LT32 isn't even close to the same playing field as Intel-based ultraportables. Yes, we know we keep bringing up Acer's Aspire 1810TZ, but with a similar form factor and a dual-core Intel CPU, that system can stay up and running for eight hours—and Acer advertises it as such.

Nevertheless, the Gateway LT32 sounds like a nice little laptop for the money. $450 is within spitting distance of some of the higher-end netbooks out there, but those machines have smaller displays, slower processors, and much poorer graphics capability. (They might still offer better battery life, though.)

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