Good news: RAM is getting cheaper again

— 6:00 AM on July 16, 2010

Don't resign yourself to selling a kidney for that memory upgrade just yet. Yes, we all miss the days of memory makers bankrupting themselves to bring us sub-$50 4GB memory kits; and yes, we were all sad to see the same kits climb back over $100. But guess what? As DigiTimes reports, system memory prices are now back on a downward trend.

DigiTimes writes that contract prices for 2GB DDR3 modules have dropped 2-4% in the first half of July, hitting $44—although "some module makers and IC distributors" are going as low as $37. Better yet, DDR3 prices are expected to keep falling as the year goes on, since manufacturers will boost capacity by switching to new process technologies.

We're seeing signs of a drop in the retail market Stateside, too. That four-gig Crucial DDR3-1333 kit we recommend in our latest system guide sold for $104.99 two weeks ago, but it's now available for $93.99. Newegg sells a similar OCZ offering for $89.99, too. At this rate, we might be able to afford a 4GB kit for our next Econobox... you know, like we got to do a year ago.

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