Guild Wars 2 Manifesto promises to reinvent the MMORPG

— 12:48 PM on August 10, 2010

If you haven't been following the Guild Wars 2 developers' blog, you should be, because the folks there are saying an awful lot of things that make an awful lot of sense about how role-playing games could be improved. They're not just talking about it, of course: they're creating the next version of Guild Wars, the no-monthly-fees MMO that has a healthy following among TR regulars.

To give the world a sense of what they're building, ArenaNet today released a trailer for the game, dubbed "Manifesto." As moriz said in the forums, ArenaNet "just committed a horrible murder: murder of every other MMO in existence." Heh. I'd maybe carve out an exception for Lego Universe, but otherwise, yeah.

Have a look at the trailer and you'll probably agree.

I'd buy that for $49!

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