Chrome 6 beta has cleaned-up UI, Autofill

— 5:05 PM on August 11, 2010

Google is still pursuing its aggressive release schedule for Chrome, cranking out major new versions faster than you can say, "Hey, shouldn't this be a point release?" The Chrome 6 beta is now upon us, with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux builds ready to go.

Most noticeable in Chrome 6 is the cleaned-up UI, which changes the toolbar color, removes lines around the buttons, strips the "http://" from the navigation bar, and merges the two menus into a single one—at least in Windows. (The Mac version's UI elements now look a little less out of place, too.)

There's more to the new beta than meets the eye. Google has added Autofill, which is just what it sounds like: automatic filling of forms with your personal details. The Chrome 6 beta lets you sync extensions and Autofill information... minus credit card data. Performance has improved, too, with Google quoting increases of 15% in JavaScript benchmarks and 64% in Mozilla's Dromaeo DOM Core Tests.

Too bad some features apparently didn't make the cut. CNet News says we might have to wait until the next version for that embedded PDF reader. I can't complain about a faster, sleeker-looking browser, though.

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