New Samsung SSDs have TRIM support, 30-nano flash

— 2:41 PM on August 23, 2010

Ronald caught this in the 'bread, but the story deserves some additional attention. TechConnect has spotted a new batch of solid-state disks from Samsung selling in Europe. The 470 Series is available in 64, 128, and 256GB capacities with official prices of $199, $399, and $699, respectively.

30nm MLC flash memory lurks under the hood of these new models alongside a dual-core controller of Samsung's own design. TRIM is supported, and it looks like the drives are sticking with a 3Gbps Serial ATA interface—not that they're fast enough to need 6Gbps connectivity. Samsung's spec sheets claim sequential read rates of 250MB/s and sequential writes up to 220MB/s. The new SSDs are claimed to be capable of pushing 31,000 random-read IOps and as many as 21,000 random-write IOps. As one might expect, though, the 64GB drive is a little slower than the 128 and 256GB models. It's only rated for 170MB/s sustained writes and 11,000 random-write IOps.

All three capacities are covered by the same three-year warranty. Unfortunately, we don't yet know when these SSDs might wash up on North American shores. With "brushed-alloy" casings and bright orange accents, these new Samsung drives will certainly be hard to miss when they do arrive.

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