PCI Express 3.0 base spec to be ready by November

— 10:30 AM on September 15, 2010

Now that newer PCs are rocking PCI Express 2.0 slots, it's time for an upgrade, don't you think? EE Times reports that PCI-SIG will complete the PCI Express 3.0 base spec by November, having released a 0.9 version of the specification for review about a month ago.

PCIe 3.0 will enable data rates up to 8GT/s. According to PCI-SIG, that will translate into top speeds of 1GB/s per lane per direction, or 32GB/s for a x16 link—essentially twice as fast as PCIe 2.0 and four times as fast as the first-gen standard. EE Times expects PCIe 3.0 to come in handy for high-end graphics cards, upcoming 40Gbps Ethernet adapters, and high-end solid-state drives.

As far as real-world products go, EE Times quotes PCI-SIG's Al Yanes as saying products "typically" come out "about a year after the spec becomes final." However, some firms will reportedly have devices out a little early—like Mellanox Technologies, which will have 40Gbps Infiniband adapters based on the new interface by June. Word is that Intel's server-oriented Sandy Bridge CPUs will support PCI Express 3.0 "before the end of 2011," as well.

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