Kids get their own notebook courtesy of Toshiba

— 2:22 PM on September 24, 2010

Kids these days are usually more comfortable with technology than their parents. It's no wonder, then, that according to an Opinion Solutions survey commissioned by Toshiba, almost 74% of school-aged children want to see "gadgets" under the tree at Christmas. The same survey says roughly 25% of parents plan to buy a laptop for their offspring.  Precious few notebooks seem to be designed to withstand the abuse they'll suffer at the hands of your average tweener, however.


With that in mind, Toshiba has collaborated with Best Buy to offer a Satellite L635 Kids' PC. The 13.3" system sports a DVD drive and a webcam, but the official press release doesn't reveal further details about the hardware under the hood. Toshiba does document some of system's pre-loaded extras, which include Net Nanny, the KidZui web browser, a couple of Disney movies, and Lego: Batman. The press release also mentions a couple of child-specific features: a "wipeable" keyboard and a textured Dura-cross finish that resists fingerprints and smudges.

There's no mention of spill resistance, waterproofing, or other staples of the ruggedized PC world, so the Kids' PC probably won't be able to withstand too much rough treatment. The textured finish looks like something I'd like to see on laptops targeted at grown-ups, though. I'll let you make your own jokes about the utility of a wipeable keyboard for adult-oriented notebooks.

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