Speed bumps aplenty in mobile Core 2010 refresh

— 10:59 AM on September 27, 2010

Intel has added a collection of new mobile CPUs to its Core 2010 lineup. CPU World has all the gory details on what amounts to a series of speed bumps. We've summarized the essentials below.

Model Clock speed Turbo speed L3 cache TDP Price
Celeron P4600 2.0GHz NA 2MB 35W $86
Core i5-560M 2.66GHz 3.2GHz 3MB 35W $225
Core i5-560UM 1.33GHz 2.13GHz 3MB 18W $250
Core i5-580M 2.66GHz 3.33GHz 3MB 35W $266
Core i7-640M 2.8GHz 3.46GHz 4MB 35W $346
Core i7-660LM 2.26GHz 3.06GHz 4MB 25W $346
Core i7-680UM 1.46GHz 2.53GHz 4MB 18W $317

All of the new CPUs have dual cores and 512KB of L2 cache. The Celeron's the only one without Hyper-Threading support, and it's not the only budget CPU being introduced. Intel also has a new Penryn-based Celeron T3500 that runs at 2.1GHz, has a 35W TDP, and will sell for $80.

Among the fresh Core 2010 models, it's interesting to note that the Core i5-560M and 580M both have a base clock speed of 2.66GHz. The latter's max Turbo Boost frequency is 133MHz higher, which adds $41 to the price tag—nearly a 20% increase. Of more interest are the new ultra-low-voltage models, one of which has already popped up in Acer's updated TimelineX ultraportable line. Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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