Apple posts another round of record quarterly results

— 9:58 AM on October 19, 2010

Every quarter seems to break some kind of new record for Apple lately. This time, the company says its fourth fiscal quarter set new high-water marks almost across the board: revenue, profits, and Mac, iPhone, and iPad shipments. The only part of Apple's business that shrank was the iPod, but that's not exactly a new trend—and fresh iPhone shipments seem to be more than making up for it.

Financially, Apple saw some pretty sizable increases both sequentially and compared to the same quarter a year back. Gross margins took a hit, though:

   Q4FY09 Q3FY10 Q4FY10
Revenue  $12.21 billion $15.70 billion  $20.34 billion
Net profit  $2.53 billion  $3.25 billion  $4.31 billion
Gross margin  41.8%  39.1% 36.9%

In terms of unit shipments, the iPhone looks to growing faster than ever. The iPad ain't doing so bad, either:

   Q4FY09 Q3FY10 Q4FY10
Macs  3.05 million 3.47 million 3.89 million
iPods  10.2 million 9.41 million 9.05 million
iPhones  7.4 million 8.40 million 14.1 million
iPads  - 3.27 million 4.19 million

Apple expects to one-up itself again this quarter, with revenue projected to hit $23 billion. Presumably, that small commercial event known as "the holidays" will help drive new shipment records, as well.

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