Saint Crispin's Day Shortbread

— 1:06 AM on October 25, 2010

7 Up

  1. C|Net reports Microsoft says Windows 8 roughly two years away
  2. Engadget: TechRestore offers MacBook Air matte screen replacements for $249
  3. Hybrid drives will outlive solid-state drives - Seagate
  4. KitGuru on the AMD HD 6850 1120 / 960 shader debate – comparisons
  5. Ars Technica: Windows Phone 7 from an iPhone user's perspective
  6. Engadget reports Adobe announces Air 2.5 for TVs, tablets,
    and phones, launches Adobe InMarket to package apps
  7. Legit Reviews has BlizzCon 2010 - Final day coverage

Saint Crispin's Day

  1. DailyFinance reports Apple's share run-up may have run out of gas
  2. PCWorld: Powerline networking standard ratified, should mean easier home networks
  3. Network World: Why IPv6? Vint Cerf keeps blaming himself
  4. TC Magazine reports Google names a Director of Privacy, tweaks its inner practices
  5. t-break's Hercules Thrustmaster, Symantec, and Western Digital interviews at GITEX
  6. Engadget reports Asus Eee PC 1015PW peeks out
    of hiding with dual-core Atom, royal purple shell
  7. Windows Weekly 179 (podcast)
  8. Dealzon's deals: 14% off coupon for 14" Lenovo ThinkPad L412, 14% off coupon
    for 14" Lenovo ThinkPad Edge, and $190 off 9" Asus T91SA tablet / netbook
Newegg's guerrilla deals for 10/25

  1. 10% off Corsair power supplies with promo code EMCYTZT202
  2. $25 off 128GB Kingston SSDNow V Series
    (extra $15 off with promo code EMCYTZT203)
  3. 500GB Hitachi Travelstar 7K500 ($15 off with promo code EMCYTZT204)
  4. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Limited Edition for Xbox 360 and Sony PS3
  5. $34 off hp V5060h camcorder
  6. Trendnet TV-IP410W wireless Internet camera server

  1. Engadget: Notion Ink founder claims Adam tablet will go 15+ hours on a charge
  2. TUAW reports iPad's orientation lock to mute switch change will be permanent
  3. Engadget's exclusive: Future LG Android phone for Verizon sports LTE
  4. Engadget reviews Reckless Racing (iPhone)
  5. C|Net: Is this the new Nook Color?

  1. DailyTech reports bugs, crashes plague Apple media suite iLife's new release
  2. PCWorld reports Adobe launches Project Rome
  3. TweakTown's AMD Catalyst 10.10 Windows 7 driver analysis
  4. Warp2Search rounds up 38 Linux tutorials
  5. Microsoft's Proof of Concept Jumpstart Kit v1.5

  1. Nintendo: Apple is more significant threat than Microsoft
  2. Massively: Hi-Rez Studios announce development of Tribes Universe MMO
  3. VE3D reports Team Fortress 2 P2P marketplace pays off for some
  4. Ars Technica reviews Rock Band 3
  5. Switched reports mega-controller makes you a wrathful gamer god

  1. TR alum Dustin Sklavos reviews Asus X72D / K72DR: Three cores, no waiting
  2. TestFreaks review 13" Apple MacBook Air (MC503LL/A)
  3. Tech ARP's BIOS option of the week - Video BIOS cacheable
  4. PureOC reviews ECS P55H-AK Black Series
  5. TestFreaks review 32GB Kingston Class 4 MicroSDHC card
  6. Benchmark Reviews on AMD Radeon HD 6870
  7. Hi Tech Legion reviews Arctic K381 multi-functional keyboard
  8. Metku reviews Antec LanBoy Air
  9. APH Networks on NZXT Phantom case
  10. OCC reviews Lian Li Pitstop T1 Spider mini-ITX test bench
  11. PC Perspective reviews Corsair Hydro Series H70 CPU cooler
  12. Rbmods on Spire TherMax Eclipse II CPU cooler
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