Kingston adds SSNow V+100 line with 32-nm flash memory

— 11:04 AM on November 3, 2010

Kingston has announced a new version of the SSDNow V+ SSD we reviewed earlier this year. The original drive had a Toshiba controller, along with flash memory built via 43-nm process technology. This latest version, dubbed the SSDNow V+100, sports flash chips built on a 32-nano process. The memory is still provided by Toshiba, as is the controller, which hails from the same family as the first drive.

A combination of controller and firmware tweaks have been applied to allow the drive to better take advantage of its new NAND, and Kingston says performance is up as a result. According to the company, we can expect the V+100 to outrun its predecessor by as much as 25%. Oddly, though, the drive's sequential read and write speed ratings remain unchanged at 230 and 180MB/s, respectively. The SSDNow V+'s sequential throughput was pretty competitive when we tested the drive, but random-write performance was a definite weakness. We don't yet know whether that issue has been addressed with these controller and firmware tweaks.

SSDNow V+100 models will be available with 64, 96, 128, 256, and 512GB capacities with prices ranging from $220 to nearly two grand. Like previous Kingston SSDs, you'll be able to these as bare drives or bundled with a USB enclosure, drive rails, cloning software, and associated cabling. The bundle only adds $16 to the cost of the drive, so it's a pretty good deal if you're going to be migrating an existing system to the SSD.

The 128GB SSDNow V+ has already fallen to $277 online, making Kingston's $390 suggested retail price for a V+100 with the same capacity more than a little ambitious. I'd expect street prices on the V+100 line to be considerably lower, especially considering this probably won't be the fastest SSD around.

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