Nvidia demos Acer slate with Tegra 2 inside

— 1:27 AM on January 6, 2011

CES — Slates are flooding CES this year, and Nvidia is riding the tidal wave. Earlier tonight, the company showed us an upcoming Acer slate based on its Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip. The device was running Armor Games' Dungeon Defenders, which is based on Unreal Engine 3.

We didn't catch the exact display size, but we're guessing the tablet has a 9" display with a 16:9 form factor (wider than the iPad's, which is 4:3).

Getting its Tegra 2 chip backed by Acer is a pretty big deal, considering Acer's huge mobile PC market share. Tegra 2 is showing up in other tablets, too, of course—just yesterday, Asus unveiled the Tegra 2-powered Eee Transformer, which has a neat keyboard dock that turns it into a sort of smartbook.

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