BitTorrent lawsuit targets 1337 file sharers

— 9:32 AM on January 27, 2011

Content creators continue to target BitTorrent pirates who distribute their work. Some do so with more of a sense of humor than others. The producers of Fractale, a new anime series, have filed a lawsuit targeting exactly 1337 alleged downloaders of the program. TorrentFreak points out that the episode named in the lawsuit also features a crew dubbed the "Straw Hat Pirates."

The lawsuit itself is no joke, however. Fractale's producers have also taken further action to try and stop the show from popping up on Torrent sites. Last week, they demanded that the show's American distributor, Funimation, squash all pirated copies being traded online before new episodes would be permitted to air on Hulu.

When you think about it, that's pretty funny, too. The notion that a distributor can rid the Internets of pirated content is laughable, as is the idea that restricting access to content via legitimate services like Hulu will somehow help matters.

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