Report: Dual-core Sandy Bridge CPUs due February 20

— 6:00 AM on February 8, 2011

When Intel released its quad-core Sandy Bridge processors last month, it said dual-core derivatives would follow four to five weeks later. Now, as PC World reports, we've got a specific date: February 20. Mark your calendars, folks!

Of course, since Intel doesn't expect to be shipping a high volume of 6-series chipsets for regular motherboards and PCs for another few weeks, having dual-core Sandy Bridge CPUs out in the market on the 20th won't do many folks much good. That said, as we discussed yesterday, Sandy Bridge laptops should soon regain their places on store shelves in spite of the chipset bug. We could see dual-core Sandy notebooks before long.

As it happens, Intel has no less than 10 dual-core mobile Sandy Bridge chips on the way. Those offerings will have prices ranging from $225 to $346 and thermal envelopes of 17W, 25W, and 35W, so they should show up in a variety of systems, from chunky full-sized notebooks to slick and slim ultraportables.

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