National Cherry Pie Day Shortbread

— 1:12 AM on February 20, 2011

7 Up

  1. C|Net reports feature cut from Windows Home Server (Drive Extender) to return via add-in
  2. Computerworld: Microsoft downplays threat of new Windows zero-day
  3. Beyond Unreal: PC Bulletstorm demo "in the works"
  4. Engadget: Intel CEO Paul Otellini flip-flops, says he 'would've gone Android' if he were Elop
  5. PCWorld reports broadband falls short in U.S.
  6. Computerworld reports bill would prohibit Internet 'kill switch'
  7. The Oatmeal: What I think Obama is meeting with Jobs, Schmidt & Zuckerberg about

National Cherry Pie Day

  1. Computerworld: As violence escalates, Libya cuts off the Internet
    and Google legal move could alter course of Oracle trial
    and Intel to hire 4,000 workers this year
  2. PCWorld on Microsoft-Nokia deal behind the scenes
  3. Network World reports Yahoo! to open-source cloud-serving engine
  4. Goodbye, HD component video: Hollywood hastens the 'analog sunset' - Consumer Reports

  1. Computerworld: Lenovo to launch LePad tablet worldwide in June
  2. Engadget: Motorola Atrix 4G already rooted, and it's not even out yet
  3. Nokia: Cheap Windows Phones will reach market "very quickly"
  4. Network World: Apple "blowing it" with app subscription scheme, analyst says
  5. PCWorld reports VMware launches business apps for Android
  6. The Hollywood Reporter: Android, video games dominate Mobile World Congress
Software and gaming

  1. PCWorld reports Fedora and openSUSE Linux drop Unity efforts
  2. Download Squad: GParted 0.8 can recover data from lost partitions
    and Google Docs Viewer adds 12 new file types
  3. Big Download: Two Worlds II rep responds to review
    blacklisting claims; next Two Worlds game in 2012
  4. Joystiq reports BioShock 2 PC DLC comes out before it's ready
  5. The next Medal of Honor is being worked on
  6. The war on banning violent video games
  7. Steam Users' Forums: Free Steam games list
  8. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch 4.0.6 hotfixes - February 19

  1. Real World Labs on 4GB G.Skill RipJaws PC3-12800 CL7 memory kit
  2. TweakTown's quick review: 64GB Mach Xtreme MX-FX USB 3.0 thumb drive
  3. Ultimate Hardware reviews Palit GeForce GTS 450 Sonic Platinum
  4. t-break reviews Canon Mark 1 M mouse
  5. Legit Reviews on Lamptron FC-8 fan controller
  6. Overclockers Online reviews Crucial Ballistix active cooling fan
  7. reviews Prolimatech Super Mega (in German)
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