Poll: Which tech company is the most evil?

— 12:06 PM on March 9, 2011

Microsoft is generally assumed to be evil, Google likes to say that it's not, and Apple is too cool to care one way or another. Of those three, which do you think is the most evil? That's the subject of this week's poll; feel free to cast your vote below or in the middle column on the front page.

Last week, we asked whether you're going to buy an iPad 2. Most said no, with 35% claiming no interest in tablets at all. Another 22% prefer their laptop because it has a proper keyboard. I suppose that's fair, although I do wonder why so many folks seem completely disinterested in tablets. Not wanting to buy one is understandable. However, the contempt some seem to feel toward slates is a little puzzling.

Plenty of our readers are interested in tablets, though. 17% intend to skip the second-gen iPad in favor of another slate. 11% are considering the iPad 2, and 10% have committed to buying one. 5% of those who voted aren't buying an iPad 2 only because they've already got a tablet. Sorry, we don't know how many voted with one.

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