Release roundup: SSDs, memory, and Sandy Bridge boards

— 5:05 PM on March 10, 2011

This week's release roundup isn't as intense as the last one, but our inbox has still accumulated a few announcements. Let's kick things off with some memory news from Kingston:

  • Kingston Technology ships HyperX Genesis with new heatspreader. This is not so much a new product as a makeover of an existing one. I'm sure the folks out there with windowed enclosures will care, though. Kingston says it has started transitioning its Genesis DDR3 modules to a new heatspreader that "accentuates the traditional blue color with a military/ballistic trim along the top, similar to the Genesis Special Edition Grey modules made especially for the Intel P67 Sandy Bridge platform." The new design doesn't look half bad, I must say:

  • Super Talent unveils new SSD lineup. Now for something a little more exciting. Say hello to Super Talent's TeraDrive solid-state drives, which couple second-generation SandForce controllers with Serial ATA 6Gbps interfaces and ONFI DDR NAND flash. Super Talent has announced two sub-families: the "pro-sumer" TeraDrive CT3 series, which features SandForce's SF-2200 controller, and the enterprise-oriented TeraDrive fT3 series, which includes the SF-2500 controller as well as "advanced provisioning, endurance and wear leveling algorithms." Look for these drives in stores next quarter.
  • Zotac announces that the H67-ITX has resumed shipping to distributors and resellers. We've heard all about how big motherboard makers like Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI have handled the Intel 6-series chipset snafu, but they're not the only one with Sandy Bridge mobos. Zotac numbers among the smaller makers, and its H67-ITX Wi-Fi (which we reviewed in January) should be making its way into e-tail stocks—this time with the new, bug-free B3 stepping of Intel's H67 chipset.

General supply of B3 6-series chipsets must be ramping up if smaller manufacturers like Zotac are resuming shipments. That said, Newegg still stocks only a handful of Sandy Bridge boards, and all but one of them are from Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI.

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