Nvidia teases new flagship card due later this week

— 11:33 AM on March 22, 2011

Over two short months, we've witnessed two momentous GPU launches: that of the GeForce GTX 560 Ti and the Radeon HD 6990. We're due for a third, if an Nvidia teaser video on YouTube is any indication.

The video doesn't show much beside a box labeled "top secret," Crysis 2 running in the background, and Nvidia Technical Marketing Director Tom Petersen talking at the camera. The executive does, however, mention a "next-generation highest performance graphics card," which the video reveals will be launched on Thursday at 6:00 AM PDT.

Nvidia invites viewers to check back on Thursday for more details. We'd like to extend a similar invitation—only to TR, where we're working as we speak to bring you full coverage of the new graphics card. Stay tuned!

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