CS, Half-Life updates

— 3:28 PM on March 14, 2001

Valve's come up with another update for Half-Life, and the incredibly popular Counter-Strike mod has also been updated... I won't bore you with the details; here are the files you'll want to grab.

Blues News: full update
3D Gamers: full update
Fileplanet: full update

Counter-Strike 1.1 (Retail release only)
Netgames UK

Counter-Strike 1.1 (Mod versions only)
Playnet: full update
Nettally: full update
Icrontic: full update
hl.congiman: full update

Half-Life dedicated server
Blues News: M$ full M$ update Linux full Linux update
death.congiman: M$ full M$ update Linux full Linux update
Redphive.org: full update
IPGN.com.au: full update

All links ripped without shame from our good friends at the Shack, who also have a link up to the CPL, who have bumped Counter-Strike into the official tournament spot for their world championship at the expense of Quake 3.
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