Nvidia: Actually, Kepler production will start in 2012

— 9:31 AM on August 5, 2011

You know how, earlier this week, Nvidia co-founder Chris Malachowsky announced that Nvidia's next-gen Kepler graphics processors would ship this year? Well, as X-bit labs reports, the company has now expanded upon that statement somewhat. Take a look:

"Although we will have early silicon this year, Kepler-based products are actually scheduled to go into production in 2012. We wanted to clarify this so people wouldn’t expect product to be available this year," said Ken Brown, a spokesman for Nvidia, in an email statement.


Meanwhile, AMD has yet to recant statements about its 28-nm graphics chips coming to market in 2011, so it sounds like it will indeed be first to market with next-gen graphics products. That lends weight to a recent SemiAccurate story, which said AMD's first 28-nm GPUs will be out in September, but Nvidia won't be able to riposte until the middle of next year's first quarter.

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