Battlefield 3 trailer showcases stunning multiplayer combat

— 3:48 PM on August 16, 2011

Battlefield 3 has been in the news quite a bit recently, but for all the wrong reasons. We've spent so much time talking about the game's absence from Steam and its ties to EA's new Origin distribution service that I almost forgot how much I want to play the thing. Thankfully, the latest trailer brings those desires nicely to the forefront.

Wow. I've actually got goosebumps. Do yourself a favor and watch the trailer in full-screen mode, where the video can be blown up to 1080p resolution.

The trailer shows multiplayer footage from a 64-player game on the Caspian Border map. There's a little bit of everything, from aerial dogfights to land-based vehicular combat and infantry battles. Don't miss the moment where a bomb-defusing robot runs into a concrete barrier, knocking a few pieces off the top to expose rebar underneath. That's the most realistic depiction of a concrete barrier I've seen since, well, Crysis 2. DICE is a little optimistic about Wall-E's destructive power, though.

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