National Spumoni Day Shortbread

— 12:00 AM on August 21, 2011

Eight is Enough

  1. All About Microsoft: With hp out of the PC business,
    which vendor becomes Microsoft's new champion?
  2. TorrentFreak reports anti-piracy bill set to cost taxpayers $47m between 2012 and 2016
  3. Engadget: Best Buy stops selling the TouchPad, hp offers refunds to owners
  4. PreCentral: hp begins TouchPad liquidation; 16GB cut to $99, 32GB $149
  5. BusinessWeek: hp to keep supporting 'not dead' webOS software, executive says
  6. The Engadget interview: hp's Stephen DeWitt discusses the state of webOS
  7. TechCrunch: Is "Jupiter" the future of Windows... PC, phone & tablet?
  8. Eurogamer: Notch wades into Ubisoft DRM debate

National Spumoni Day

  1. Engadget Primed: All mobile displays are not created equal
  2. AppleInsider: Apple now worth as much as all euro zone banks combined
  3. C|Net: Sprint reportedly in talks for Clearwire takeover
  4. All About Microsoft on Microsoft vs. Motorola: A look ahead to next week's ITC patent trial
  5. Microsoft: Here's what caused our cloud outage last week - All About Microsoft
  6. HuffPost Tech on why hp is killing its phone, tablet businesses
  7. TechCrunch: Google+ rolls out verified profiles, still struggles with real-name policy
  8. Engadget podcast 253

  1. TechFlash reports HTC sticking to Android
  2. Engadget: Sprint's Epic Touch 4G may be first US-bound Galaxy S II, arriving September 9th?
  3. AppleInsider reports Apple seeds iOS 5 beta 6 alongside
    new iTunes, Apple TV, and iWork for iOS betas

  1. TweakTown's Catalyst 11.8 Windows 7 driver analysis
  2. PlayOnLinux 4.0 is released
  3. Trillian for Windows: bugfixes (5.0 build 35)

  1. OCinside's Gamescom 2011 coverage (in German)
  2. PopCap: Playing casual games may help you bond with your kids - TechFlash
  3. Develop reports Vita RAM confirmed at 512MB
  4. TechFlash: Medio, Rovio hatch plans to make Angry Birds even bigger
  5. Demo version of Might & Magic Heroes VI is available
  6. PC Gamer reviews From Dust
  7. Kotaku: The ultra disposable gun is one of the great big little improvements in Borderlands 2

  1. Kitguru reviews 128GB Patriot Wildfire SSD
  2. Real World Labs on 65W / 95W Innergie mCube slim universal adapters
  3. Hardware Bistro reviews In Win Buc case
  4. Rbmods on Arctic Cooling F12 case fans
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