Samsung denies interest in HP's PC business... kinda

— 3:57 PM on August 24, 2011

So much for that rumor about Samsung potentially gearing up to buy HP's PC business. The Korean mega-conglomerate has moved swiftly to quell the speculation, posting the following on its official Samsung Tomorrow blog:

The recent rumors that Samsung Electronics will be taking over Hewlett-Packard Co.'s personal computer business are not true.

We hope this clarifies any confusion that may have occurred.

Now, we could play devil's advocate and point out that the wording of the repudiation doesn't rule out some other arrangement. Indeed, Reuters wrote last Friday that, according to anonymous industry sources, HP's PC wing "may be too big for Asia's technology companies to swallow whole, but potential suitors are out there should HP decide to break the group into parts."

An analyst quoted by the news agency also named Samsung and Lenovo as the only suitors with deep enough pockets to buy HP's PC business. If Samsung remains adamant about its disinterest, I wonder if we'll hear from Lenovo soon.

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