Nvidia updates GPU drivers ahead of Battlefield 3 beta

— 9:30 AM on September 26, 2011

As you may know, the hotly anticipated Battlefield 3 beta opens this week, and the folks at Nvidia are all over it. They've just released a new set of beta drivers, version 285.38, that should make a nice matched set with the BF3 beta. As usual, tailored drivers look to be the best way to go. Nvidia claims these betas "increase performance in the Battlefield 3 beta by up to 38% compared to the 285.27 drivers." They also include an SLI profile for BF3. You can download the drivers right here.

AMD is apparently preparing a BF3-oriented graphics driver update, as well, although we don't have a clear sense of the time frame. We'll keep an eye out for its release.

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