AMD tweaks CPU pricing, intros new Athlon

— 11:23 AM on November 16, 2011

AMD is fiddling with its processor lineup, and there's a new model in the mix. Say hello to the Athlon II X4 651, which has a 3GHz clock speed, 4MB of L2 cache, and a 100W thermal envelope. The new Athlon is designed to slip into the same FM1 socket as Llano APUs, but it doesn't have an integrated GPU. The 651's $92 asking price should leave enough room in your budget for a decent graphics card, though.

In addition to rolling out the new Athlon, AMD has tweaked the pricing of several of its existing processors. CPU-World has the details, which surprisingly include price increases of a couple of dollars for the A4-3300 and -3400 APUs. $4 has been knocked off the price of the A6-3500, while the FX-6100 has been reduced by $10 to $155.

The FX-6100 now costs just a little bit more than Intel's fastest dual-core Sandy Bridge CPU, the Core i3-2130, which sells for $150 at Newegg. Even with the $10 discount, I'd have a hard time recommending the FX-6100 over the Sandy Bridge duallie. The price cut should make upgrades more attractive for folks who already have Bulldozer-compatible motherboards, though.

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