M$ rethinks passport terms

— 1:50 AM on April 10, 2001

Amidst much controversy, Microsoft has amended the terms of its Passport service according to this story at Wired.

Microsoft has deleted terms that granted the company broad license to use, modify, distribute, publish or sell "any communication with or through the Passport website." According to definitions in the old terms, 'communication' included bulletin boards, chat rooms, personal Web pages, or e-mail. Critics accused the company of wanting to own and control all the information passing over its network.

The new terms grant Microsoft far more limited license, claiming rights to publish and distribute only "feedback and suggestions" users make to the Passport website.

The new terms also make clear that Passport's terms of service do not apply to other Microsoft services, like Hotmail, that users can access using their Passport password. Users are instructed to refer to the terms at those individual sites to determine what rules apply there.

And so everything returns to its right place.
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