Win8 Catalysts arrive... without 7000-series support

— 6:00 AM on March 2, 2012

Tinkering with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a Radeon-powered PC? Good news: there's a new Catalyst driver out designed specially for you. You can download it here... well, that is, unless you happen to be running a 7000-series Radeon. Those won't be supported until "the coming weeks," AMD says.

Here's what other Radeon users can look forward to:

  • Native Stereo 3D support: Windows 8 will natively support Stereo 3D for full-screen and windowed gaming, and video applications
  • Unified Video API – Video playback is now integrated within the DirectX® 11 API; enabling simultaneous high quality Video and 3D content, and the potential for enhanced video transcoding performance
  • Optimized screen rotation
  • improved sleep / resume performance
  • Optimized Power Consumption

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview driver also supports Eyefinity, OpenCL, OpenGL, AMD's UVD video decoder block, CrossFire multi-GPU rigs, and Overdrive overclocking. AMD's Catalyst Control Center is along for the ride, too, so Windows 7 users should feel right at home.

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