Catalyst 12.3 drivers fix bugs, fully support new Radeons

— 3:05 PM on March 28, 2012

AMD's monthly WHQL-certified graphics driver update is here. The company has rolled out its Catalyst 12.3 release, which feature full support for Radeon HD 7900-, 7800-, and 7700-series graphics cards (in Windows 7 and Vista, at least), some bug fixes, and the all-important stamp of approval from Microsoft's Windows Hardware Qualification Labs. Folks running Windows XP will apparently have to wait for next month's Catalyst 12.4 release to get complete 7000-series GPU support.

The official release notes list the following bug fixes in Windows 7:

  • AMD Catalyst Control Center startup issues/ delays have been resolved
  • Tom Clancy HAWX: No longer crashes after task switching with MLAA (Morphological Anti-Aliasing) and Anti-Aliasing enabled
  • Furmark Benchmark: No longer crashes when launched in High Performance mode.
  • Quake 4: No longer display corruption after task switching when run in High Performance mode
  • XPlane: Textures no longer exhibit flicker and corruption
  • Skyrim: No longer displays flickering and texture corruption.
  • Alan Wake: A system crash is no longer experienced when running the game in DirectX 9 mode with Crossfire enabled
  • Far Cry 2: A random system hang is no longer experienced when running the game at high in game setting

It looks like a couple of kinks have been ironed out in Windows Vista, as well:

  • AMD Catalyst Control Center startup issues/ delays have been resolved
  • Enemy Territory Quake Wars : no longer exhibits random corruption

As always, the latest Catalyst drivers can be downloaded straight from AMD's Support & Drivers page.

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