Leaked HP slide details iPad-sized Windows 8 slate

— 1:28 PM on April 27, 2012

HP appears to have a rather interesting tablet in the works. A "trusted source" has supplied Neowin with a presentation slide detailing the Slate 8, a 10" tablet purportedly powered by Windows 8. The slide mentions Win8 Professional, suggesting that the tablet won't run on ARM-based hardware. Squeezing an x86 CPU into the thing would be rather impressive, considering it's supposed to be just 9.2 mm thick and weigh 1.5 lbs—about the same as the new iPad. HP is claiming 8-10 hours of battery life for the device, as well.

While it's unlikely the Slate 8 will feature a high-DPI display, the slide teases an "outdoor viewing option." It's unclear whether the display uses something similar to Pixel Qi's transflective technology or simply an ultra-bright backlight like the SuperIPS+ screen in Asus' Transformer Prime tablet.

Business customers appear to be the target market for the Slate 8, which will offer docking support and include an embedded TPM module. I'd love to see one of these paired with a Transformer-style keyboard dock, complete with a decent touchpad and a secondary battery. If it's aimed at businesses, though, it probably won't be cheap. The Slate 8 seems like an unlikely candidate for Ivy Bridge, and there's only so much I can justify spending on an Atom-based tablet.

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