Metro-flavored Chrome coming to Windows 8

— 9:40 AM on June 8, 2012

Folks using the Windows 8 Release Preview will soon have another browser to try out: Chrome, the "dev channel" release of which is about to gain Metro support. Google's Carlos Pizano teased the upcoming pre-release rollout with an early screenshot:

If you think that looks an awful lot like the regular version of Chrome for Windows, well, you're right. This is an early version without touch support and with only basic Metro integration. Pizano mentions Windows 8's charm bar and snap view as supported features. As for the visual style, Pizano adds, "Over the next few months, we’ll be smoothing out the UI on Metro and improving touch support."

Google isn't the only one adapting its web browser for Metro. Mozilla showed a very pretty user-interface mockup of Firefox on Metro a few weeks back, and it plans to serve up a "working prototype" by the end of this month. (Thanks to Neowin for the tip.)

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