New Samsung not-an-ultrabook has Trinity inside

— 6:00 AM on June 18, 2012

Wondering where the first Trinity-based ultrabooks are? Right here. Samsung isn't so bold as to call its 13.3" Series 5 535 laptop an ultrabook—that term is actually trademarked by Intel—but the spec sheet doesn't lie: this is one of those ultra-slim, ultra-light laptop everyone is swooning over these days.

This lovely machine weighs 3.35 lbs with a tapered chassis that's 0.58" to 0.69" thick, depending on where you put the calipers. Inside lurks an AMD A6-4455M Trinity APU with 4GB of RAM, a 500GB 5,400-RPM mechanical hard drive, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0, and a 45 watt-hour battery. Despite what Samsung would have you believe, the A6-4455M actually has two cores and two threads, not four. It does have a 17W thermal envelope, though, just like Intel's ultrabook-bound processors.

Samsung charges $699.99 for the 13" Series 5 535, which isn't entirely unreasonable. I wouldn't mind spending an extra hundred bucks (or two) for an Ivy Bridge system with a solid-state drive, but I'm sure bargain-hunters with tight purse strings won't mind the slight downgrade.

Oh, by the way, Samsung also makes a 14" version of the same machine. That one costs $849.99, has a slightly more capacious 750GB hard drive, and seems to come with twice as many battery cells (though the watt-hour rating isn't available). Unfortunately, the larger display is still saddled with the same 1366x768 resolution as on the 13.3" machine, and the weight is a slightly more portly 3.99 lbs.

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