Deal of the week: Cheap storage for Steam's Summer Sale

— 1:24 PM on July 13, 2012

Valve's Steam Summer Sale is in full swing, giving us a good starting point for this week's deals post. There are a few interesting bargains in today's collection of discounted games, including Portal 2 for only $5 and Max Payne 3 for $30 (50% off the usual asking price). Numerous multi-game packs are available from various big-name publishers, as well.

The freshly released Spec Ops: The Line is part of one of those Steam packs. Amazon also has the game and is selling its own downloadable version for half price at $25.

We've also found a handful of compelling hardware deals this week. Inexpensive SSDs still abound, of course. The most attractive option on that front is probably the OCZ Agility 3 120GB, which starts at $105 on Newegg. Coupon code HARDOCPX711A knocks 15% off the price, and there's a $15 Newegg gift card in the mix, too, which reduces the Agility's effective cost to about $74—a mere 62 cents per gigabyte. If you don't want to mess with the rebate, Mushkin's Chronos 120GB, which uses the same SandForce controller, is available for $90 on Amazon.

In the market for more substantial storage? WD's Caviar Green 2TB is only $100 at Newegg after coupon code EMCNCJN23. That's a 5,400-RPM model, but if you need something faster to serve as a system drive, Seagate's 7,200-RPM Barracuda 1TB costs only $81 with promo code EMCNCJG53. You know you want a solid-state system drive, though.

North of the border, NCIX is running out of names for its regular sales. This week's Ships Ahoy sale event has a bunch of nice deals, including a particularly tempting SSD: Corsair's 120GB Force GT, which is selling for $76 CAD with no rebates or special codes. The Core i7-3770K is down to $300 CAD, $40 off the usual list price. It's not often you see the latest Intel CPUs discounted at online retailers.

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