New Ivy Bridge desktop duallies include $86 Pentium

— 9:20 AM on September 6, 2012

On Tuesday, we told you all about the latest revision of Intel's price list, which quietly introduced the very first dual-core Ivy Bridge processors for desktops: the $138 Core i3-3240, the $134 Core i3-3225, and the $117 Core i3-3220.

Well, it turns out the document wasn't 100% correct. There's actually a fourth Ivy desktop duallie, and it's priced at only $86.

That chip is the Pentium G2120, a 3.1GHz part with two cores, two threads, and 3MB of L3 cache. Intel's price list classifies it as a 32-nm offering, but the freshly updated Intel ARK database reveals this is actually a 22-nm chip. (The chip's ARK listing wasn't up when we wrote our story on Tuesday.) Just like other members of the Ivy Bridge family, the Pentium G2120 supports DDR3-1600 memory, and its integrated graphics have the ability to drive three displays all at once. Also, its 55W power envelope is slimmer than the 65W TDPs of 32-nm, desktop-bound Pentiums.

All of this means Intel's Ivy Bridge processor lineup now stretches from $86 to $332, covering a pretty broad range of price points. And that's good news for anyone on a budget.

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