AMD teases next ultra-low-power product

— 9:55 AM on October 5, 2012

Something's brewing at AMD, and the company is trying to drum up publicity with a spooky viral video. Take a look:

The video tells us two things. First, what AMD has in the works will be revealed on October 9. And second, that something is a low-power mobile product with apparently capable integrated graphics. The YouTube video description includes a dead link to, which is only further evidence of the second point.

According to the folks at SemiAccurate, the product being teased is none other than Hondo, an ultra-low-power chip that should succeed AMD's existing Z-01 APU. The last AMD roadmaps we looked at described Hondo as a "Z-Series" offering with one or two Bobcat cores, DirectX 11-capable integrated graphics, and a 4.5W power envelope (down from 5.9W for the dual-core Z-01). Hondo is supposed to power Windows 8 tablets, so a launch ahead of the new operating system's October 26 release seems logical.

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