Nokia may serve up WinRT tablet next year

— 9:52 AM on December 19, 2012

For better or for worse, Nokia has become a stalwart champion of Microsoft's Windows Phone software. Now, rumor has it the Finnish phone maker may be cooking up a Windows RT tablet, too—and the device could premiere in a couple of months.

DigiTimes reports that Nokia "is likely to unveil the model" at next year's Mobile World Congress, which is taking place in Barcelona on February 25-28. The site's sources claim Nokia had plans for such a device before, but those plans were postponed after Microsoft announced its own Surface tablet.

The delayed Nokia device reportedly featured a 10-inch display and a Qualcomm S4 processor, and Nokia had tapped Compal to mass-produce it. DigiTimes doesn't say if the specs have changed, but it claims Nokia has spoken with Qualcomm and Compal about "cooperation . . . to resume development" of the device.

If Nokia does release a Windows RT tablet, I hope it shoots for a lower price point than others have so far. Microsoft's own Surface starts at $499, and the cheapest alternative listed on Newegg is the $549 VivoTab RT (which, to its credit, does come with a free keyboard dock if users register online). That's still awfully pricey when you can get an iPad for $500—or a Nexus 10 for $399.

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