Google's Talking Shoe wants to motivate you

— 9:55 AM on March 11, 2013

Wearable computers are apparently the future. We have smartphones in our pockets nearly all of the time, so we're not far off already. Google Glass will bring computing to a pair of spectacles soon. Apple is reportedly working on an iWatch of some kind, too. Then there's the Talking Shoe Google is showing off at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. No, seriously.

The Talking Shoe is more than just a concept video. A prototype pair is making the rounds at the festival, and Tech Crunch has posted its impressions, calling the shoe "unexpectedly motivational." You probably won't be able to buy a pair anytime soon, though. This is more art concept than future product. The effort was funded by Google's Art, Copy, Code project, which seeks to translate "how Silicon Valley thinks about technology into how creative agencies think about advertising."

Now, there are already numerous fitness-related widgets on the market that use positional and motion tracking to assess workouts. The geek in me loves the idea of having data on that sort of thing, and adding a motivational "coach" to the equation isn't too far of a leap. However, it's hard to see much value in live-tweeting (or, I suppose, Google+ing) workouts—unless you're the sort who feels the need to keep the world appraised of the minutiae of your daily life.

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