Deal of the week: A 3TB hard drive, a free game, some RAM, and tablets

— 5:04 PM on March 15, 2013

We're going to keep this week's deal post short and sweet, thanks to the magic of HTML lists—and because writing lists in prose is, like, totally boring.

  • Western Digital's 3TB Red hard drive is available for $139.99 shipped at both Amazon and Newegg. (Newegg requires you to use a coupon code, HDPR72SALE20, to get the lower price. Amazon does not.) The Red is a fine mass-storage drive; it's similar to WD's Green offerings but has been optimized for RAID configurations. WD covers the Red with a three-year warranty, which is better than the two-year coverage you get with a lot of desktop drives these days.
  • Amazon is offering a $30 of credit for 2K Games titles if you pre-order BioShock Infinite (as a Steam download) for $59.99. The credit is redeemable when BioShock Infinite comes out on March 26, and it's enough to get you a free copy of Borderlands GOTY Edition—or any other sub-$30 title in the 2K catalog.
  • Newegg lets you take 10% off desktop memory with the coupon code EMCXTWR29. You can grab, for example, an 8GB Crucial DDR3-1600 kit for $53.09 shipped (down from $58.99). Another coupon code, EMCXTWR32, takes 10% off all laptop memory, bringing Corsair's 8GB DDR3-1600 SO-DIMM kit to $49.49 (down from $54.99).
  • Oh, and in case you missed our news post this morning, Amazon's 8.9" Kindle Fire HD tablet has gotten a price cut. The base Wi-Fi model is now available for $269, and the 4G LTE version is $399. That's down from $299 and $499, respectively, before the price cut.

If you happen to reside in Canada, you can also check out NCIX's St. Patrick's Day sale, which includes deals like Samsung's 840 Series 120GB for $99.49 CAD and Asus' Transformer TF300T 10.1" Android tablet for $369.99.

All right, that's all, folks. Enjoy your weekend—and try not to max out your credit cards.

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