New Metro: Last Light trailer shows guns, gizmos

— 6:00 AM on April 24, 2013

4A Games has released the latest chapter in its Metro: Last Light Ranger Survival Guide series. This time, prospective players are getting a glimpse at the game's weapons, items, and other gizmos—still with cheesy, Russian-accented narration:

Well, I think those who played the original Metro 2033 will feel right at home. 4A Games has preserved even the gas mask filter management system, which contributes a welcome touch of survival to the survival horror theme. (At least, I think it's more exciting than having to duck behind a crate to recover from radiation poisoning.)

The weapons look nice, too, especially if they're all "fully customizable" as the narrator says. If I recall correctly, the original Metro let you beef up the basic revolver with a different stock and barrel, which reduced recoil and improved accuracy, as well as a sight and a silencer. I don't think other weapons were modifiable, though.

Metro: Last Light is due out on May 14 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Oh, and if you're in the market for a new graphics card, Nvidia is bundling the game with GeForce graphics cards from the GTX 660 on up.

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