Deal of the week: Graphics cards, IPS displays, and more

— 5:17 PM on April 26, 2013

This week's deal post is all about eye candy—or, rather, graphics cards and monitors.

Some mid-range Radeons have gotten quite a bit cheaper since our back-to-back reviews last month. At the time, the Radeon HD 7790 had just launched at $150, and the 7850 2GB hovered around $185. Today, Newegg sells an HIS Radeon HD 7790 for only $134.99 shipped ($124.99 after a mail-in rebate), and it offers a PowerColor Radeon HD 7850 2GB for $174.99 shipped ($154.99 after a mail-in rebate).

Those are tantalizing prices—especially considering the bundled games. Both cards ship with free copies of BioShock Infinite and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, and the 7850 2GB gets you the new Tomb Raider on top of that. At $155, that card is a real bargain.

Looking for a nice display to plug into one of those cards? Then you may want to check out Acer's H236HLbid and LG's IPS234V-PN. These displays are both on sale for $159.99 with free shipping... and they both have 23" IPS panels with 1080p resolutions. No TN shenanigans here—horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 178° on both monitors. Other shared perks include DVI and HDMI inputs, three-year warranties, and overwhelmingly positive user reviews. What's not to like?

Unfortunately, we don't have dirt-cheap IPS monitors for our Canadian readers. We do, however, have a link to NCIX's 17th-anniversary sale, as part of which shipping is cut to $4.99 CAD on orders over $50 (provided they weigh less than 100 lbs). The sale includes plenty of discounts, including a couple of hot storage deals: a 4TB Seagate hard drive for $169.99 CAD and a 2TB WD Green for only $89.99 CAD. Those prices are lower than what Newegg and Amazon charge in the states.

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