AMD introduces low-power Richland APUs for slim notebooks

— 11:11 AM on May 24, 2013

Back in March, AMD introduced its mobile Richland APUs with a collection of 35W parts. The firm has now filled out the lineup with seven new models that reach all the way down to 17W. Here's how the chips stack up against the Richland APUs announced in March. I've split the APUs into two tables: one for each of the CPU core configurations. The older parts are grayed out.

Model Radeon TDP CPU cores CPU clocks L2 cache Radeon ALUs GPU clocks Max DRAM
A10-5757M HD 8650G 35W 4 3.5/2.5GHz 4MB 384 720/600MHz 1600MHz
A10-5750M HD 8650G 35W 4 3.5/2.5GHz 4MB 384 720/533MHz 1866MHz
A10-5745M HD 8610G 25W 4 2.9/2.1GHz 4MB 384 626/533MHz 1333MHz
A8-5557M HD 8550G 35W 4 3.1/2.1GHz 4MB 256 720/554MHz 1600MHz
A8-5550M HD 8550G 35W 4 3.1/2.1GHz 4MB 256 720/515MHz 1600MHz
A8-5545M HD 8510G 19W 4 2.7/1.7GHz 4MB 384 554/450MHz 1333MHz

Appropriately, four of the new APUs are quad-core models. The 35W A10-5757M and A8-5557M look pretty similar to chips announced in March, although both have slightly higher graphics clocks. The A10's maximum DRAM speed has also been knocked down a peg.

Among all the new chips, the only 25W part is the A10-5745M. This quad boasts respectable clock speeds and a full complement of graphics ALUs. Its peak graphics clock is less than 100MHz shy of the top model, too. However, the 5745M is limited to 1333MHz memory, as are all the sub-35W Richland chips.

The most power-efficient quad in the Richland family is the 19W A8-5545M. While its CPU and GPU clocks are lower than what you get on the 25W chip, AMD hasn't trimmed any graphics ALUs.

Model Radeon TDP CPU cores CPU clocks L2 cache Radeon ALUs GPU clocks Max DRAM
A6-5357M HD 8450G 35W 2 3.5/2.9GHz 1MB 192 720/533MHz 1600MHz
A6-5350M HD 8450G 35W 2 3.5/2.9GHz 1MB 192 720/533MHz 1600MHz
A6-5345M HD 8410G 17W 2 2.8/2.2GHz 1MB 192 600/450MHz 1333MHz
A4-5150M HD 8350G 35W 2 3.3/2.7GHz 1MB 128 720/533MHz 1600MHz
A4-5145M HD 8350G 17W 2 2.6/2.0GHz 1MB 128 554/424MHz 1333MHz

There are two duallies with 17W TDPs, and the A6-5345M looks like the one to get. In addition to higher CPU and graphics frequencies, it has 192 Radeon ALUs—33% more than the A4-5145M. I'd still be tempted to jump up to the 19W quad, though. Even if its CPU clock speeds are lower, you get double the cores, four times the L2 cache, and twice as many graphics ALUs. Not bad for an extra 2W.

AMD caps the dual-core Richland family with the 35W A6-5357M. While the specifications match those of the 5350M announced a few months ago, the newer chip comes in a smaller FP2 package. All the latest Richland APUs come in FP2 form. The chips released earlier this year use larger FS1 packages that aren't as easy to squeeze into slim notebooks.

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