WD introduces world's slimmest 1TB hard drive

— 11:10 AM on June 3, 2013

Mobile hard drives are slimming down to fit into the next generation of notebooks. We've already seen WD introduce several 500GB models that are just 5 mm thick. Now, the company has announced a 7-mm design with a terabyte of storage.

The extra two millimeters of z-height allow WD to squeeze in an extra platter, doubling the capacity of its UltraSlim drives. This new Slim model is the first 7-mm drive to deliver 1TB of storage, WD says. Competing solutions are limited to 500GB.

As a member of the WD Blue family, the Slim 1TB spins its platters at a sedate 5,400 RPM. You'll want to pair the drive with a caching SSD for optimal performance. The drive doesn't skimp elsewhere, though. It features WD's dual-stage actuator tech, a StableTrac motor that anchors the spindle at both ends, and a handful of other enhancements designed to improve reliability and shock tolerance.

WD expects the Slim 1TB to see action in skinny notebooks and all-in-one PCs. The drive is shipping now and should pop up at online retailers for $139. Too bad the warranty runs out after only two years.

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