HP sees Windows XP as PC market's potential savior

— 9:08 AM on June 12, 2013

Everyone had high hopes for Windows 8. The new operating system was supposed to boost demand for new PCs and to breathe some life back into a slumping PC industry. But alas, things turned out quite differently. The quarter following Windows 8's release was apparently the worst ever for the industry—or, at least, the worst in a long time.

Is there hope on the horizon? Yes, says HP, but not in the form of a new OS release. As ComputerWorld reports, HP expects the deprecation of Windows XP to spur sales in a way that Windows 8's arrival did not.

The PC maker shared that view at a press conference earlier this week. According to ComputerWorld, "HP officials flashed a slide that said, simply, 'Goodbye XP, Hello HP.'" Enrique Lore, HP's business PC chief, went on to predict that Windows XP's demise will be a "big opportunity for HP" and will help sales "significantly more, especially on the commercial side" than Windows 8. 40-50% of business users are still using XP machines, Lore added.

Windows XP came out in October 25, 2001, so it'll be celebrating its 12th birthday in a few months. Microsoft already discontinued mainstream support for the operating system in April 2009. The company plans to end XP's "extended support" phase in April 2014.

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