Just Cause devs show Mad Max gameplay trailer

— 9:05 AM on July 15, 2013

If the name Avalanche Studios sounds familiar, it's because these Swedish game developers are behind the outrageously fun Just Cause 2 (as well as the original Just Cause). These days, the Avalanche team is hard at work on a Mad Max game—and it so happens that they've just released their first gameplay trailer. Check it out:

Ooh, moody. Borderlands and Rage have already done the whole "racing and killing in a post-apocalyptic desert" thing to death, but it's hard to argue with an adaptation of the movie that started it all. And Avalanche doesn't exactly have a bad track record as far as making driving vehicles and shooting things fun.

The graphics don't look half-bad, either. The guys at Polygon have posted a few still screenshots of the game, and those look sharp, with some nicely crisp, high-res textures in evidence. The game is due out next year for both current and next-gen consoles (as well as the PC), so we can no doubt look forward to next-gen-quality graphics.

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