Nvidia is still hopeful about Surface RT, Windows RT

— 9:14 AM on July 19, 2013

It's been a rough week for Windows RT. Microsoft slashed the Surface RT's price and wrote off $900 million because of "inventory adjustments" related to the device. Lenovo, meanwhile, stopped selling its WinRT-powered Yoga 11 convertible online. Both systems are powered by Nvidia's Tegra 3 system-on-a-chip, so what does Nvidia think of all this?

The company hasn't lost hope, judging by what Rene Haas, Nvidia's VP of Computing Products, told ComputerWorld in a recent interview. Haas vowed high and unwavering commitment to both Windows RT and the Surface RT tablet, and he added:

Surface RT is the very beginning of a long process and it's the first shot in a changing landscape . . . Microsoft is moving the entire Windows platform to something really mobile."

Haas also told ComputerWorld that Nvidia is "very encouraged and excited" by the Surface RT's recent price cut to $350. He said he hopes the cut will "inspires new sales."

Yeah, I guess we can't expect Nvidia to express much pessimism—not when the company has all its chips on ARM. (Sorry, had to be done.) Still, I think I agree with Haas' statement about the Surface RT being the first step down a long road. Microsoft doesn't seem to have given up yet, and at $350, the Surface RT could draw renewed interest. Also, considering ARM's current success, it makes sense for Microsoft to keep Windows RT around... at least for now.

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